idk i gave up trying to make this look super cool but i’m sorta proud of this?? i spent so much time on it
made with a trackpad and ms paint
 - This is Halloween 8-Bit
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Odion: CAREFUL HOW YOU SPEAK. Marik may be beyond reason but he is of Egypt. And he's my brother.
Atem: He brainwashed 80 people in two episodes.
Odion: I'm adopted.

Working out some Bill Cipher ideas! Need new pens, mine are old and dying.

I need to play with this idea some more—i like the individual elements but obv. it needs more coherency. Eh anyway I’ll play with it some more. Yay for wormy things!

She backed me out of the video I was watching
My mouth is full of cat fur and she keeps licking my phone

Dark & LightAnxiety & JoyPine tree & Shooting starBrother & Sister
We have to wait another 2 weeks for a new episodeI have these separately  as well but I think they work better together idk

some billbip in the grass idk context what context
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